From a preventive perspective, with the aim to ensure the safety of our users and meeting the levels of reliability in front of the Licensor, periodic activities of maintenance, conservations and reparation are done throughout the year. This way it is possible to have a close monitoring and control of the existing needs, always trying to improve service and quality experience that we provide to our users/clients who travel with us.

Within the maintenance, some preservation, conservation and reparation works are done. Collectors and gutters in the central reservation are periodically cleaned, as well as the superficial drainage cleaning, including the cleaning of boxes, sinkholes and hydrants to improve the draining system so we can avoid aquaplaning phenomena in broad highway.

In order to enhance the visibility of our users, keeping in mind the safety during the circulation of our road, the mowing on the central reservation is done three times a year, every year, there is an inspection of the vertical signalling as well as for their conservation and cleaning and all the panels throughout the highway.

In a way to avoid downfalls and possible accidents that may come from that, the cleaning of the slopes and protection nets is done annually, including the removal of the material in case it is necessary. The maintenance of the emergency stops is also done annually. Inspections to safety equipment are held 3 times a year, making sure they are according to the correct values, in order to guarantee the safety of all those who travel with us. It is also done, annually, the conservations of the seals, so that the entrance of animals into the road is avoided.

At pavement levels, inspections and cleaning are held on the roadside to allow a better outflow into the drainage system. In Winter, the formation of ice is prevented, spreading salt and, if needed, snow sweeping.



Tons of solvent-free bitumen applied on the highway to improve the driving conditions;


Hectares of clean slopes throughout the highway;


Tons of waste removed throughout the licenced infrastructure, predominantly card and plastic, collected, selected and valued by a licenced entity for that matter;


Tons of salt spread along the infrastructure to prevent the forming of ice and to enhance the driving conditions of the pavement and the safety of our users.


Everyday countless users travel with us, to whom we intend to provide a good travel experience and, above all, in safety.


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