The Transmontana Highway (A Autoestrada Transmontana) is a construction, conservation and exploitation of the road project that sums a total of 134,7km between Vila Real and Quintanilha, joining the Northwest and the Northeast of Portugal. 

The Transmontana Highway (A Autoestrada Transmontana) allowed the communication and cohesion of all north area, decreasing the time of travel, improving the safety of the users and reducing road fatalities.

The sub-concession of The Transmontana Highway (Auto-Estrada Transmontana) was procured to Auto- Estradas XXI, S.A on December 9th, 2008.

In 2018, as a consequence of the process of renegotiation with Estradas de Portugal (now Infraestruturas de Portugal), we stopped concessioning the motorways sections of IP4, namely IP4 Amarante – Vila Real Nascente, with an extension of 11km.

Currently, we have two toll collection gantries in Bragança Sul/Bragança Poente and Parada de Cunhos/ Vila Real Sul.

Corgo Viaduct

The biggest milestone of this enterprise is The Viaduct above the Corgo river valley. It is a viaduct made of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete with 2795m in total extension. At the place with greater unevenness in relation to the ground, around 230m from the bottom of the valley, the main span of 300 meters and the two adjacent of 126m, are overcome with a strain-free central suspension solution.


2.795 meters – Extension
3 continuous sub-viaducts– poente (sunset), nascente (raising sun) and central
1 central span strain-free central suspension and two pillars
110 cubic meters of concrete
26 tons of steel
134 meters – height of the main spans since the bottom of the foundation until the bridge deck (inclusive)
63 meters – height of the masts on the bridge deck
400 – number of workers during the peak of the construction
2010 year in which the construction began
2013 year of conclusion and entry into operation
85 million euros – investment



The application of AE-Transmontana (POVT-11-0150-FCOES-000009), presented as a Big Project (Grande Projeto), to the Operational Program of Appreciation for the Territory – Programa Operacional Valorização do Território (POVT) – was approved by the European Commission, on September 25th, 2015.