Toll Charging System in “Multi-Lane Free Flow”

What is the location of the charging points?
Strecht NumberDescriptionConcessionPKLongitudeLatitude
1Variant Vila RealOPERESTRADAS91+878-7.730756º41.276975º
22Variant BragançaOPERESTRADAS200+163-6.793338º41.762501º

The user has to acquire and install a DE (that can be a DEM, a DECP or a DT) with a collection entity, joining a payment system, which will allow to activate that payment system anytime the DE is detected passing the gantry. ctada pelo pórtico de portagem.

If the user does not have a DE, the payment will be available after 48 hours of the passage and within the legal deadline of 5 workdays, paying at CTT stations, Payshop network and other places which acquire the system, being the licence plate number enough for the effect.

Not regularizing, the user will be considered a transgressor, and will receive a notification at his/her address.

The exemptions and discount system is in whole agreement with what is provided in the law that rules the implementation of toll on roads.  

Post-paid is a system that identifies the vehicle through the image of the licence plate. The vehicle, when circulating in an electronic toll charging gantry, if it does not have a licence plate device (DEM), will activate the mechanism of image collection (photography) of the licence plate of the vehicle. That image will be stored until the payment is completed.


To perform the payment of the toll, the owner of the vehicle must go to a CCT desk and Payshop network, until 5 workdays after the passing, providing nothing else but the licence plate number. 

For technical reasons, the post-paid method can only be done after the second workday after the passing, except for a passing done on Friday or Saturday, which can be paid on the following Monday.  
Being only possible to perform the post-paid payment after the second workday, it will be granted an extra workday apart from the five days already foreseen.  

Yes. By choosing the post-paid method, besides the tolls, some administrative costs accrete, according to the additional costs that are inherent to the system. In case the payment is not done within this deadline, the owner of the vehicle is transgressing, and he/she will be charged administrative costs, besides the fines that may come from it.

On highway sections with no-manual toll booths, in other words, exclusively electronic tolls, there is signing with the following symbol:

The toll fee value is fixed to each one of the charging points.
The toll fee value payable in each one of the charging points, according to the class of vehicle, is announced in proper panels at the site.

Auto-estrada TransmontanaFees
Class 1Class 2Class 3Class 4
A4 - Grantry 1 (located between Parada de Cunhos and Vila Real Sul)0,60 €1,10 €1,40 €1,55 €
A4 - Grantry 2 (located between Bragança Sul and Bragança Poente)0,60 €1,05 €1,40 €1,50 €

If the vehicle does not have a DE, image collection mechanisms will be activated (photography) of the licence plate of the vehicle. That image will be stored until the payment is complete.

The only alternative to this payment method is the post-paid method, with CCT desks and Payshop network, 48 hours after passing and within a legal deadline of 5 workdays, providing nothing else but your licence plate number. If the payment is not complete, the user will be violating, and a notification will be sent to his/her address.

Since March 31st, 2011, the users that had joined the pre-payment methods with identification of the owner of the vehicle (DEM or DECP), to perform the payment of exclusively electronic tolls, can also use the electronic payment tracks at the tollbooth station, providing they are available

Users that had joined anonymous pre-payment systems (DT) shall always use the manual payment tollbooths at the tollbooth station.

There is no post-paid method for foreign-registered vehicles .

The drivers of foreign-registered vehicles can choose one of the following solutions:

  • Acquiring a DECP, Via Verde or other, contracting an automatic payment system (bank debit)
  • Buying a DT, which must be associated to a pre-payment system, in cash, with chargeable credit of minimum 10 or 20 euros, according if it is a light or heavy vehicle.
  • Renting a DT, paying the proportional amount to the use time, and equivalent value to the cost of the device and that must be returned to the driver when the device is taken back. To this device an automatic payment system must be associated (debit from credit card) or, alternatively, a pre-payment system in cash, with minimum charging of 10 or 20 euros, according if it is a light or heavy vehicle;
  • For more information about our available payment systems for foreign-registered vehicles , please check

At service stations along the highway with exclusively electronic tolls, at the post office and Via Verde stores. They can also get it at Banco Geral in Spain.

Yes. For stays whose permanence period in the national territory does not justify the use of a DT, the drivers of foreign-registered vehicles can choose to join one of the following modalities, using nothing else but the licence plate number:

  • Pre-paid document valid for 5 workdays;
  • Pre-paid document exclusively valid for the journey of round trip to the Porto Airport (via A28 or via A41);
  • 3 days pre-paid document, with a set cost, regardless of the number or trips done in highways with exclusively electronic tolls, and valid for a period of 3 days;

The membership to these modalities can be done through the internet, at , using a credit card, from which will be debited the corresponding amounts, in other words, a minimum loading of 10€ (light vehicles) or 20€ (heavy vehicles), or the equivalent to the specific selected journey, or even a 3 day pre-paid document.

These can also be done, with payment in cash, at Porto Airport, at the service stations of the highways with electronic tolls and at the post office.

In the case of the pre-paid payment valid for 5 days and if the payment was done by credit card, a refund of the debit not used from the loading, can be requested.

On the pre-paid modality (5 days or journey), to the payment of tolls, additional costs accrete that are inherent to the system, associated to image processing (photography) of the licence plate of the vehicle.

Not paying the toll is a misdemeanour subjected to fines for all users, both national and foreign. The fine is 10 times the toll, with a minimum of 25€.

It is a piece of equipment able to transmit its identification code through electromagnetic waves, accordingly to the European Toll System. The Via Verde device, which is currently used in about 2 million vehicles, is an example of an Electronic DeviThe Licence Plate Electronic Device (DEM) and the Temporary Device (DT) are also samples of electronic devices.

A Licence Plate Electronic device (DEM) is one type of electronic device. DEM has the particularity of being associated to the licence plate number and cannot be transmitted to a different vehicle.

A Toll Entity Collector Device (DECP) is one type of electronic device. The Via Verde device is a DECP. It is not associated to the licence plate number, but it implies a formal contract with an entity that collects tolls.

It can be used by foreign-registered vehicles in case of a long stay in Portugal.

A Temporary Device (DT) is one type of electronic device. The DT is not associated to the licence plate number of the vehicle, ensuring the anonymity of the user. Because of its temporary nature, it is the suitable device for foreign-registered vehicles, in case of short stays in Portugal.

For more information about the electronic toll system and its billing, please contact: or via +351 259 320 044