Sustainable, ecologic and socially responsible.

At Globalvia Transmontana, we intend to proceed with a sustainable, ecologic and socially responsible activity. 

At Globalvia Transmontana, besides following all necessary rules and indications on the management of waste inherently created by our activity, recycling and reducing plastic consumption, we also show deep respect on dealing with our collaborators.

We believe that a company only reaches great achievements as an innovation and transformation engine, keeping an engaged team that is involved in the individual and collective goals.

The pandemic that we are facing now has come to change the way we live.
At Globalvia Transmontana, we try to make a difference in the life of some children, elderly people, Fire Departments, Civil Protection along the concession.

We allow, over the years, specialized training in Safety to our collaborators, and providing all equipment needed to the practice of our daily activities, always safely.

Since 2009, at Globalvia Transmontana we make an effort to improve the well-being of our collaborators. We think that the appreciation of our people is some of the main pillars of a healthy environment between collaborators and, mainly, so that everyone feels valued. Thus, in order to promote surveillance and health and to favour healthy habits, we provide of monthly curative medicine appointment so that all collaborators clarify any question related to occupational health. Weekly, there are collective and individual sports activities, as Pilates and football. In 2019, we encouraged some collaborators who had as a personal and professional objective to enter University.




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The smell is always in the hand of who offers the roses!

(…) what will not happen – I assure you – is a reminder of this magnanimous gesture of offering personal protective equipment and disinfection.

“A vote of THANKS to the company GLOBALVIA TRANSMONTANA; S.A. for the support provided when offering several safety products and the disinfection of the building of the Social Centre and Parish of St. António, the kindergarten and the church (…)”

Direction of the Social Centre and Parish of St. António 25-05-2020

The Fire Department of Macedo de Cavaleiros herewith would like to appreciate to the Company Globalvia Transmontana (…) this equipment of individual protection that will be essential to continue fighting the pandemic of COVID -19

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