Everyday countless users travel with us, to whom we intend to provide a good travel experience and, above all, in safety.

At Globalvia Transmontana, we contribute for the prevention and road safety through our daily work, aligning two branches:

Preventive – Realization of campaigns of awareness for road safety, among children, keeping in mind that children can “influence” their parents and other members of the family, so there is a safer and more preventive driving.

Periodic – Through maintenance, reparations and conservation that we perform on a daily basis on our infrastructure, so that we can offer the greatest safety possible to those who keep us company every day. .

The safety of our people and users is our main priority! 

The Driver’s responsible attitude is the main ingredient for a safe journey.

The planning of the trip, the maintenance of the vehicle, a defensive and conscious driving, apart from making a more affordable journey, also contributes for road safety.

Assuming that is never too much to talk about it, we leave here some Road Safety Recommendations so that you can enjoy a good experience during your journey.


Put the vest with reflective stripes on, flag your vehicle and call 112  or ask for our 24 hours assistance through
+351 259 332 333 or via a SOS station

All passengers must stay inside the vehicle, with their seat belts on, except if you are in a risky location or there is possibility of fire. In these two last cases, all passengers must leave the vehicle, keeping them behind the safety guards.

All retention devices for children involved in the accident must be replaced.

Verify the tyre pressure and make sure your vehicle has careful maintenance;

Confirm if the load you are taking is properly distributed and safely secured;

According to the load that your vehicle will transport, adjust your rear-view mirrors;

If you are taking children, we remind your that they should be transported on proper seats according to their age and height. Make sure you are using the most suitable chair;

As for kids, animals and pets also require special transportation measures. Analyse alternatives/solutions before travelling so that your best friend travels in safety too;

Do not consume drugs nor alcoholic drinks.

The use of the seat belt is obligatory! Not only for the front seats, but also for the back seats;

Do not use your cell-phone;

Avoid distractions;

Do not forget that you are not travelling alone! Keep alert and signal in good time the manoeuvres you intend to take;

Keep in mind the safety distance and the braking distance;

Always use the lanes more to the right;

During long journeys, take a 30 minutes break every 2 hours;

Obey the speed limits; ;

Suit you driving to the weather conditions;

Pay attention to the instructions given by the panels of variable messages, which keep you updated on possible incidents.

The circulation of pedestrians and slow vehicles (bicycles, tractors


Make a U-turn;

Stop or park on the lanes or on the roadside.