Globalvia, world leader in transport infrastructures, has defined a new digital innovation of their operations as a critical factor to compete.

This digital transformation is based on this PROJECT DEVOPS: a platform with travel charging domain, operation and maintenance of infrastructures that can:

  • create new dynamics for current business.
  • create new business models in the area of mobility and smart cities.

In this PROJECT we develop the concept of software as a service (SaaS) on the cloud AWS, using several available AWS services that consist of a change on the paradigm and is completely disruptive in this sector.

Project DevOps

This project consists of the development, by a development team in Vila Real, of two softwares assigned to different development teams:

GMOM – Road operation and maintenance system;

GBOS – Electronic toll charging system;;

This project includes a transversal team ofQuality Assurance, that ensures and supervises the programming code of all products, as well as of the Support team.


We implement the Agile team methodoly:

  • sprints of 2 weeks
  • planning and retrospective
  • continuous Integration
  • continuous delivery
  • automatic tests

A change of culture and mindset for all our team!

GBOS – Platform

The Electronic Toll Charging System is ongoing implementation on Globalvia Concessions in Portugal, Spain, The United States of America and Costa Rica



We use technological tools in our development which are more suitable for current times,

Git, Gitlab, Docker, Nexus, Sonarqube and Jenkins are some present examples of our pipelines where there are four well-demarked environments: stage, quality, prelive and live.

GMOM – Platform

The Operation and Maintenance System is ongoing implementation on Globalvia concessions in Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Costa Rica.



The platform Backend is a microservice architecture where minimal and independent components are developed in java and dotnet core, running on a kubernetes cluster and finishing at an API Gateway Ambassor with Load Balance.



At the Frontend we used Angular to webiu and Ionic to mobile, kibana to create and aggregate data dashboards by Elasticsearch.