Environmental Sustainability


Globalvia understands Sustainability as a tool to contribute for a better world for the present and future generations, in which infrastructures and the responsibility towards the planet have a crucial role. 

At Globalvia Transmontana, we adopt a sustainable strategy based on the management of quality, waste, electric efficiency, environmental, health and social support.  

Environmental Sustainability Perspective

From a sustainability perspective, within the daily maintenance and operation tasks in order to reduce, mitigate or eliminate possible inherent impacts to our activity, we proceeded with responsible management.

Fucused on the Future

A sustainable company watches for ethical quality and transparency in its relationships, with both internal and external entities. At Globalvia Transmontana we consider that the impact of our daily professional actions has effect on the environment. Thus, we have identified strategies to try to reduce them.

Focused on a differentiated traffic management, gifted with reliable and innovative technology, fortifying the trust of our users, keeping in mind the Road Safety component throughout our concession.

Through all measures already incorporated and keeping in mind the future with new projects.

We value our workers so that they feel appreciated and integrated in all solidarity and volunteering projects in which we take part..

Certified Environmental Management

Since 2015 that we keep Certification referring to our Environmental Management System. With the deployment of normative rule ISO 14001, we have shown and taken on our commitment with the protection of the environment, handling environmental risks inherent to our activity, efficiently.

The Certification is the result of a work developed by the whole team that forms Globalvia Transmontana and awards all the Organization.


We are in the process of implementation of solar panels to supply clean energy to our offices.

We perform awareness and training campaigns to our workers and partners.

We are replacing our fleet to electric vehicles or plug-in.


21,15 %

Reduction of paper and card waste

78 %

Reduction of plastic containers waste

17 Ton

Sweeping Residues removed from the highway


Reduction of urban waste


Reduction in the use of paper in our offices


Reduction in fuel consumption by our Operational and Maintenance vehicles


Reduction of fuel emissions from our Operational and Maintenance vehicles

Environmental Impact

Given that everyone’s collaboration on behalf of a public welfare is indispensable and driven by the many ideas and initiatives that have been getting to our colleagues/collaborators, we have reduced the environmental impact on the little things of our activities at Globalvia Transmontana, implementing some changes, such as:



  • Substitution of capsules coffee makers for biodegradable tablets;


  • Provision of glass cups for coffee;
  • Our consumption of coffee capsules (plastic) has reduced, annually in:




  • Substitution of water disposals for purifying devices connected directed to the water network;


  • Removal of bottled water in all our work centres;
  • Our plastic bottle consumption has reduced, annually in:


Refillable Bottles


  • Hand in refillable water bottles to all collaborators in our work centres;


  • Our water capsules (made of plastic) consumption has reduced, annually, in;


Biodregradable Cups


  • Substitution of plastic for paper on the disposable cups of the water machines;


  • Our coffee and water cups consumption has reduced, annually, in: